Co-wash & Length Check

Due to the craziness of the season i was unable to update the blog last week. Sunday was my nephew’s baby dedication so could not wash my hair or update the blog but i managed to wash it on Monday. It was my daughter’s birthday on Wednesday so we had family over, obviously more prep was needed on Thursday ready for Friday as family was coming round again, so it was a lot of cleaning and cooking.

Well on Sunday night i did a pre-cleanse treatment with Aloe Vera to the scalp and oil on the ends and sectioned into 4 twists. I co-washed on Monday, detangled and DC’d using the JASON’S Aloe conditioner and a mix of EVOO, avocado oil and macadamia nut oil. Applied my leave-in, Shea Pomade and oil and blow-dried in sections as i wanted to do a length check.

Blow-drying was a complete nightmare the heat just sucked all the moisture out of my hair. All my previous efforts were brought to nought. My hair felt dry and wiry and horrible! The products i use are excellent for air-drying but if i am to blow dry my hair i must purchase a heat protectant of some sort to stop all the moisture from escaping.

On the upside it did show me how thick my new growth is. It’s really thick and curly and ummmm…. thick. lol. This regime really seems to be working. I’m so glad. I feel i’m doing my hair justice. I’ve never been one to pay much attention to it. Hopefully i can retain the length of my hair and therefore enjoy all the length my new growth gives me.

Length Check

Dec 09

BackView Back View

SideView Side View

It’s a bit difficult to see the hair properly here but against the white you can get a sense of the length of the hair.

I’ve decided i will do a length check every 6 months to check on progress, this is the only time i will blow-dry my hair (barring special occasions). 2010 will be the year of learning. I’m going to try my best not to put it in extensions and continue with the regime, tweaking here and there as the weather requires. I have no idea as to what is a realistic hair goal so i’ll just watch and see for this year. I would very much like to be at the top of my bra strap by the end of the year so that is what i’ll be watching for.

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