Let There Be Moisture!

After blow drying my hair on Monday the moisture balance in my hair has been way off. Blow-drying sucked all the moisture out of my hair and left it dry, wiry and crispy feeling. I blow-dried for a length check and immediately after taking the pictures misted my hair with my spritz and braided it in two big cornrows.

So today i co-washed my hair using Herbal Essences It’s a curl thing, detangled and deep conditioned with JASON’S Aloe Vera conditioner mixed with honey, EVOO, avocado oil and macadamia nut oil and applied my spritz, Shea pomade and braided into 4 cornrows to air-dry.

I love my children to bits but sometimes i just….. love them (we’ll leave it there!). Earlier on in the week i saw them playing with my wide tooth comb and now i can’t find it. So i had to detangle using my Denman brush only. I thought it would be quite a pain but actually it wasn’t any more effort than usual. I might revise my detangling regime to just using the Denman brush alone. I actually don’t think i need the wide tooth comb.

Again, i’m sure i saw my kids messing around with my leave-in conditioner and now, guess what? i can’t find it!!!! I had to use my spritz instead but that’s ok. See why i love my kids so much?

My hair feels so much better now i’ve given it some TLC. In the future i will HAVE to use a styling aid with heat protection to protect my hair from all that drying heat. The question is whether i can find a good enough product with natural or nearly all natural ingredients. Time to go hunting (online that is).

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