To shampoo or not to shampoo

That is the question. Lol

Ok, so i just watched something on youtube by a woman named Kimmay. Her channel is Kimmaytube.

I’ve only recently decided to stop shampooing my hair as the stripped feeling it leaves is rather unpleasant to me. Now, I love Kimmay and i find her knowledge invaluable. It’s so detailed and not on hearsay or opinionated (to some degree) but quite factual. She talks about the anatomy of the hair and how it works, why we do what we do and so on.

Shampoo (apparently) is designed to take away from the hair and conditioner is designed to add to the hair or leave something behind. So co-washing alone will always leave build up on your hair and scalp no matter what kind of conditioner you use (natural or not). Shampooing is designed to remove product build up off the hair and scalp leaving it cleansed.

She gives excellent advice on how to combat that ‘stripped’ feeling shampoo gives by removing excess shampoo with your hands and adding conditioner to the hair before rinsing out the shampoo. Interesting. Now i’m hear to learn and i will most definitely give it a go and see if it makes a difference to me.

On the other hand, i’m not too ‘frazzled’ by this info because i do believe in cleansing the hair. I’ve never advocated co-washing alone as i know that it does leave build-up on the hair and scalp and also adding on top of that your oils and butters leaves the hair and scalp weighed down. They all eventually need to be removed from the hair by clarifying. Other than shampoo ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) is a good clarifier and so is baking soda (which i’ve never tried).

The cleansing methods i have employed are the bentonite clay and rhassoul clay and also the Indian herbs that are good for cleansing and conditioning along with ACV rinsing.

The problem is they are quite ‘long winded’ and i guess shampooing is the easier option. It’s much less hassle.

Kimmay also mentions acidity levels again here as she uses a shampoo with an acidic ph range which is important as this is the normal ph range of our hair. She goes more into depth about this in her videos so you’ll have to check it out.

But all in all i know my hair is CLEAN because of these cleansing methods i’ve employed. If you’re not sure about the benefits of these methods stated above then check out my earlier posts on the benefits of…  which discusses the way in which the clays work in deep cleansing the hair and scalp and removing all build up whilst imparting nourishment to the hair.

I’ve only posted the results of the Indian hair care treatment on my hair and not researched it fully. I know what is cleansing and what is conditioning. I decided to try it after months of deliberation on the matter as recommended to me by family and friends. I will look more deeply into the benefits of these herbs and post them at a later date.

As i said i will give this a go because i love to learn. Check out her other videos as well. She has a wealth of knowledge on natural hair and shares her own successes and failures found here.

The detangling methods she employs are very much similar (practically identical) to what i do which is nice to see as it means i’m doing something right. Lol.

The Shampoo regimen can be found here.

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