Shampoo Update

Just letting you know that i did try the shampoo tips that Kimmaytube suggested and i must say i’m impressed.

As the shampoo lathered i thought to myself ‘oh no’. This is why i don’t shampoo coz it feels all stripped and dry and HORRIBLE (having a mini tantrum), however when i added the conditioner before rinsing it out it took away that yucky feeling and left my hair clean but not stripped. Very good. I will definitely use this technique when shampooing in the future.

Talk to you soon.

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2 thoughts on “Shampoo Update

  1. Nads I love your blog and use it regularly. I have been adding olive oil before I wash/cowash and or condition my hair and I have to say it has really helped. I agree with the not constanting brushing or combing I must say that once I comb my hair out during conditioning I tend to run my fingers through it.

    Thanks I really feel empowered my Sister is getting Married and I am going to go to the wedding oh Natural and so is Kath so I praise God for his goodness (you know this is something I would never do)

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