Mid-Month Cleanse

Oh Indian herbs, how i have missed thee!

I was contemplating washing my hair with either a shampoo or the Indian herb mix. In the end i opted for the Indian herbs as last month i missed it out to try shampooing again as Kimmaytube suggested. I’ve already posted the results of that in an earlier post.

I must say that my hair LOVES the herbs. I made the paste a bit too thick though and it caused it dry a bit too much on my hair and become hard so it took a while to rinse out properly. But after i rinsed it out my hair was singing and dancing to me in joyful gratitude to it’s satisfaction of being nourished and cleansed. As i co-washed out the remaining grit my curls were bouncing up and down. Detangling was gorgeous with minimal shedding and my hair felt so alive. My hair definitely responds well to alternative cleansing. Bentonite clay makes my hair feel just as good.

But unfortunately my hair highs turned into major lows as i tried out a new conditioner for my DC (deep condition) treatment. I ran out of the JASON’s conditioner and as a result i decided to order and try something new. I’ve used Aubrey Organics before and i was less than moved by it. But i decided to try a different conditioner in the range called White Camellia ultra-smoothing conditioner for dry, course hair. I added some honey and some extra virgin olive oil into the conditioner and applied it to my hair (it felt very promising). I put on a plastic cap and wrapped a towel around my head. I left it on for about an hour (i think) and then washed it out. How disappointing.  My hair didn’t feel deeply conditioned at all. It wasn’t ultra soft like i expected. It was such a let down. I was having such a good hair moment. I might as well have just slapped it in and rinsed it out. That’s how it felt. I really want to love you Aubrey Organics but my hair just doesn’t. It’s a real shame because the ingredient list is so wonderful. So natural. So straight forward. Never mind. I think i’ll stick to JASON’s from now on. I’ve learned that my hair loves you and i will continue to use you.

I also tried out a different conditioner for the co-washing process today to compare it to the Herbal Essence conditioners i normally use. The conditioner was called Nature’s Gate Organics – Chamomile & Lemon Verbena Conditioner. I used it on one half of my head and used Herbal Essences Breakage Defender on the other. I’m sorry Natures Gate but Herbal Essences (H.E) is WAY better. My hair felt instantly softer and conditioned with H.E but Nature’s Gate just seemed not to penetrate the hair shaft as well. It’s a shame (again) . The ingredients are so good. Absolutely no nasties or strange words i can’t pronounce.

Maybe my hair can grow to love them over time. But for now Herbal Essences is my go-to co-washing conditioner and JASON’s my DC conditioner. My hair just loves them.

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