Ikove Product Use Update

So… I used the Ikove products i mentioned in the previous blog. I compared the shampoo with the Aubrey Organics JAY shampoo i had on hand to see whether it made my hair feel any different. I alternated the shampoos from section to section (4 in all) to get a really good comparison. In all Honesty they were pretty much the same in performance so… quite unexciting. But using the ‘conditioner over shampoo’ method i’ve talked about seems to not make a blind bit of difference to the shampoo used. It replaces the oils stripped away from the shampoo and leaves it clean but soft once you rinse it off. It’s great. I’m definitely going to continue that method.

The conditioner I used was the Amazonian avocado and babaçu conditioner Nourishing for dry and very dry hair. I mixed in some honey and some olive oil (as i usually do). The conditioner is not tremendously thick, so once mixed in with honey and oil it was quite runny. Once applied i put a plastic bag on my head and left it on about two hours (i had other things to do you know!). When i rinsed it out i was so PLEASED with the results. My hair was soft! I’m so chuffed. I’ve been searching for a ‘cone’ free deep conditioner that really penetrates my hair and gives a great condition. I’ve tried several natural brands and the only one so far that my hair has taken to is JASON’s 84% Aloe Vera Conditioner. My only problem with this conditioner is that it contains dimethicone which can lead to build up on the hair. I’m very pleased with the results of this conditioner. My hair feels great without any ‘cone’ residue.

I did also use the Aubrey Organics White Camellia ultra-smoothing conditioner for dry, course hair. It wasn’t great as a DC so i thought i would use it as my detangling conditioner today. It wasn’t great at that either. What a let down. The only thing it’s good for is putting over the shampoo to prevent that stripped feeling, but i’m not going to buy it just for that purpose because any conditioner will do that job. So, i wont be buying this again.

I’m going to stick with this Ikove range for now. My hair likes it (thank goodness).


I found the actual website for Ikove UK so here it is. Still at the same great prices.


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