Cayenne Pepper Treatment – Week 2


This week i again did the cayenne and neem treatment i talked about in my previous post.

This time i reduced the amount of oil from 2 tablespoons to 1, again using hemp seed oil. It turned out a great consistency, nice and pasty, not too thin and runny and not too thick. Because of this i was able to use up the full amount and really got to work it into the scalp and especially in the nape area. It really felt good.

This week for my cleanse i did the ayurvedic hair treatment but left out the neem as i already had it in the cayenne and neem paste.

I started off by oiling my hair the night before with olive oil, covering my hair with a plastic bag and my head wrap. In the morning i made up the paste and applied it to my scalp, massaging it in carefully so as not to get it into my eyes. I wrapped up with a plastic bag and left it on whilst i made up the Indian herbs.

Once i had made that up i took off the plastic wrap and applied the paste section by section, wrapping them into bumps as i went along. I left that on whilst i made up my DC using the Ikove conditioner i’ve mentioned earlier and some honey and olive oil.

From start to finish i left on the cayenne treatment for about 30 mins before rinsing my hair. Taking one section at a time i carefully and thoroughly rinsed out my hair making sure that the water ran clear before co-washing. Using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration i washed out the remaining grit and oil, rinsed and applied more to detangle. Once fully detangled i applied some Herbal Essences Beautiful ends, twisted and clipped the section out of the way. I repeated the process for the remaining 3 sections.

WOW. Can you say soooooft? I was gob smacked at how SOFT my hair felt. Not just the ends but my roots were incredibly soft. I cant quit describe it. To date this is the softest it has EVER felt. I hadn’t even DC’d yet. I honestly was contemplating whether to actually DC or not. I went ahead and DC’d anyway because i had already mixed it.

I applied the DC and covered my head with a plastic wrap (bag) and left it on for about an hour and a bit.

I honestly don’t know what made it feel so good. Was it the Hemp oil in the Cayenne and Neem paste that gave my roots that fuzzy woolly feeling? Maybe. Was it the mid-week co-wash i’ve begun to include because of my newly put together exercise regime. Maybe. I dunno. But i’m on a high right now.

As i type this up my scalp is still tingling. Which i believe is a good thing. I’ll continue to do this for the remainder of the

month and document my results at the end.

Take Care

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