Guest Authors

I will be having a few guest authors on the blog from time to time now, to talk about various topics surrounding hair and the natural journey. I know they will be very informative and hopefully will encourage the masses to embark on their own journey with confidence, knowing they are not alone.

The first guest author will be a good friend of mine Kathleen Williams. She will be discussing the very sensitive issue of hair loss and how to cope with it’s effects. It’s going to be a great series of posts that i know will touch the hearts and minds of many who suffer with this issue. Look out for them in very near future.



One thought on “Guest Authors

  1. Hi Lonei,

    Thanks for starting this blog. You’re one of my hair idols (via LHCF). I relaxed my hair in July and began rollersetting weekly since August. I’m getting better (thanks to YouTube vids). My goal is to have fabulous hair like yours. Can I have your fotki PW?

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