pH Testing

I ordered some pH testing strips last week because i wanted to make my own leave-in conditioner from scratch and i needed to make sure the pH of the product was in the correct range. Well they finally came today. Hooray.

And i’m so pleased because they are exactly the same strips as Kimmay on YouTube uses and sells.

So naturally i got to work in testing them out on some of my products and ingredients sitting around.




Firstly i tested the Aloe Vera Juice i use in my spritz mix that i order from Naturally Thinking. The pH was bang on 4. Nice and acidic!






Next i tested my spritz mix that i made the other day (i posted the recipe). That was also bang on pH 4. Interesting. I thought that the other hydrolats (floral waters) would raise it a bit.






The pH of my homemade leave-in conditioner tested 5. Still within the ideal acidic range for the hair.








The Curl Harmony Products. The Shampoo tested at pH 5 and both the Cleansing and Hydrating Conditioners landed a neutral 7.




I’m having so much fun! I also tested tap water just to be sure and it came in at a pH of 8! Can you believe it. It’s probably all the chemicals and residue in the water that’s raised the pH slightly.

I also tested the Ikove Shampoo which came in at ph 7. I was quite shocked to be honest because it says it’s pH balanced. I know it means anything in the acidic range up to 7 but i honestly thought it was closer to the hair’s pH like the Curl Harmony shampoo. Interesting isn’t it?


I ordered the testing strips from Tektrak. I ordered the pH-Fix Indicator Strips pH 0.0-14.



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