Onion Juice & Curl Harmony – Week 3

This is my third week using the onion juice treatment and also reviewing the Curl Harmony products.

This week i pretty much did the same thing with the onion juice as i did last week: onion juice, bentonite clay and ACV to balance the pH. This time i also added in some essential oils of Rosemary, Tea-Tree and Eucalyptus. This really made a difference with the smell of the treatment. It helped a lot. You could still smell the onion but the essential oils did mask some of the smell and also added in their own benefits. My scalp was extra tingly and also cool at the same time. It was great. I applied it to my scalp and focused especially on my nape area. I left it on for about 45 mins before washing my hair.


Last night i saturated my hair with olive oil in preparation for shampooing, and sectioned it into four large twists. Put a plastic bag on and tied a headscarf over it ready for bed.

Once i was ready to wash my hair i jumped in the shower and rinsed the twists thoroughly before taking down a twist, rinsing that more until all the bentonite had rinsed off. I then took a few pumps of the Creamy Shampoo and smoothed that in gently until it was nice and foamy. I then scrubbed my scalp, using the balls of my fingers. I squeezed off the excess and rubbed in a dab of the Hydrating Conditioner before rinsing out. I then added more hydrating conditioner to the section and detangled carefully with a wide tooth comb followed by my modified Denman brush. I then twisted the section, still with the conditioner in and clipped it up before moving on to the next. Once i had shampooed and detangled all sections i then rinsed out the remaining conditioner with the twists in and towel dried.

The DC was the same as i did last week with, the Intensive Repair Deep Conditioner with added honey and olive oil. I applied it in sections and covered my hair with a plastic bag for about 30 mins. I rinsed out, towel dried, added in some leave-in conditioner and Shea Butter mix before slicking it back in a ponytail and twisting the tail into three twists, pinning it up. I was going to a barbeque so i couldn’t have my usual unsightly large braids that my husband so detests. lol. I had to cover my hair with a black headscarf to look presentable which was fine.

Next week will be my last week with the onion juice treatment and the curl harmony review. I’ll let you know my overall rating/opinion of both then.


Take Care.



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