Curl Harmony Review Week 3 – Mid-Week Co-Wash

So today i went to play badminton with my brother and his wife. It was so much fun, but now i am achy all over and can barely stand up to walk. At first i wasn’t going to bother co-washing but i did sweat a lot and i was excited to try out my new and improved leave-in conditioner.

So i co-washed with the Hydrating Conditioner in my usual sections and detangled with a wide tooth comb only. I didn’t scrimp at all with it. I wanted it to saturate my coils and make detangling a breeze. Which it did. The comb slid through my hair, easily annihilating any tangles. I must say, i think it’s won me over this week. I said i liked the Cleansing Conditioner better, but after that performance it’s probably edged into the lead. I also did a final rinse of the left over tea from making the leave-in conditioner. Once i had finished detangling, i rinsed off the remaining conditioner from my four twisted sections and then poured the tea slowly over my head. There wasn’t a lot of it left, about a cup. I squeezed it through my twists. I towel dried and then section by section added in my leave-in conditioner and Shea Butter mix.

I must say i am SUPER PLEASED with the results from my leave-in. The consistency was lovely and thick and it wasn’t too slippery. With my last one it was so slippery and sticky i had a hard time spreading the Shea Butter over it. It was just sliding off. This time as i smoothed it on one untwisted section i noticed my hair became so soft. Mmmmmmm. I applied some Shea Butter Mix to the section and it smoothed on easily. Double Mmmmmmm. It made my hair feel silky, soft and well conditioned. I braided the section and moved on to the others.

I keep touching my ends now that it’s dry to see how it feels. It feels super soft. Triple Mmmmmmm. This one is definitely a keeper. Now all i have to do is keep my Ingredient supply topped up regularly and i can have leave-in conditioner whenever i need it. GREAT!



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