Leave-In Conditioner – Take 2 (Updated)

I re-made my leave-in conditioner today as I needed to tweak the recipe a little. My notes on the last Leave-in were:


Conditioner is too strengthening (makes hair slightly hard if left ‘out’)
Has too much slip
Not creamy and thick enough
Not enough long term conditioning
Too much humectant (makes hair frizzy after a while)
To remedy this I will:

  • Reduce the amount of Hydrolysed Wheat Protein
  • Reduce the amount of Humectants (Glycerin and Honeyquat)
  • Reduce the amount of Panthenol
  • Reduce the amount of Guar Conditioning gum
  • Increase the amount of BTMS
  • Increase the amount of oils
  • Increase the amount of Lamesoft
  • Reduce Aloe Juice (as pH was consistently low)
  • Add in citric acid as a precautionary pH stabiliser
  • Increase Herbal Tea
  • Will not add extra Aloe Juice this time (even if it appears thick)

And that’s exactly what i did. I’m not going to repost all the information and directions as you can find that in the first post, but i did take pics of all the steps (I made sure i charged my camera battery). If anyone wants the adjusted recipe i can give it to them, otherwise it’s blah, blah isn’t it? lol.


Due to popular request, i have listed the updated recipe i made in this post below.

Ingredient                        Weight/g
Water Phase                  154
Aloe Juice                       61.2
Herbal Tea                       78
Guar Conditioning Gum     1  
Honeyquat                       1
Glycerin                           2
Lamesoft                          5
Citric Acid                       0.4
Silk Amino Acid Powder   0.4
Hydrolysed Wheat Protein 2
Panthenol                        3

Oil Phase                       40
BTMS                             12
Emulsifying Wax              4
Avocado Oil                     10
Coconut Oil                      4
Olive Oil                          10

Finishing Phase             6
Vitamin E                        2
Essential Oils                  2
MicroKill                          2

Total                             200


Tip – To find the percentage of each ingredient used, just divide the ingredient weight by two.

HerbsHerbs       IngredientsIngredients

EquipmentEquipment Pan Of WaterPan/Water

Herbs BoilingBoiling      Strained TeaStrained

Aloe JuiceAloe Juice HoneyquatHoneyquat

GlycerinGlycerin    Guar GumGuar Gum

Mixed G & GMixed        Aloe & GG MixMixed in Aloe

LamesoftLamesoft  Lamesoft MixedMixed in Aloe

First pH TestpH 4            Citric AcidCitric Acid

2nd pH TestpH 3 (oops)  Weighed BTMSBTMS

Avocado OilAvocado Oil Olive OilOlive Oil

I forgot to take a pic of the Coconut Oil

Melted Oil PhaseMelted  Tea in BlenderTea in Blender

Aloe Mix in Blenderadded Aloe Mix  Mixing Water phaseMixing Water Phase

All BlendedAdded oil phase   Final pH TestingpH 4 (ish)

Pouring into BottlePouring             FinishedFinished

I forgot to take a pic of the finishing phase (MicroKill, Vitamin E and Essential Oils) which i added to the blender once it was slightly cool.

The consistency is perfect. Just as i wanted it. Not so slippery, nice and thick and creamy. It seems the adjustments were dead on. Once i use it later i’ll give you the verdict.

7 thoughts on “Leave-In Conditioner – Take 2 (Updated)

  1. Nads I want some of this leave in conditioner so when you have priced them up I need to place my order for two. Pretty please 🙂 x

  2. Hi Nadia, just found your blog. I find that you have great info. on natural haircare. I would like to ask if i could be sent the adjusted recipe for this conditioner? Thanks

  3. Hi Nadia, thanks so much for this recipe, could I get a copy of the adjusted recipe for the conditioner also?

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