Natural Wedding Hair

No. Just in case you were thinking it, it wasn’t my wedding. The wonderful wedding day belonged to a friend of mine. I was just attending.

I thought i’d post pictures of the hairstyle i did for the day.

I started by washing and deep conditioning my hair, towel drying and applying leave-in conditioner, African Pride gel and Shea butter mix (in that order). I then braided it into 4 cornrows (three at the back and one on the top) and let it dry. The gel was for extra hold to help keep my braid out in place for as long as possible as my hair doesn’t hold onto curl definition well at all. By the end of the day it’s usually a big shrunken ball of frizz.

Braids Back Braids Side

Braids Front Braids Top

Just to make sure, i sat under the hooded dryer for quite a while (it seemed).  The following morning i took out the braids and styled it using a banana clip and some pins.

Braids Out Hair Clipped

Clipped Side Bump Top

Hump Front Style Finished

I Pinned the hair up over the banana clip to hide as much of it as i could and also pinned down the very back to my nape to stop it from looking too wild. As it goes, a whole day and some time under the hooded dryer was still not enough to get my hair completely dry. The middle cornrow was still damp so my hair was slightly frizzy in the middle. Sigh. No worries. Overall i think the style turned out well.

Wedding Outfit

I know this picture’s a total waste of space but i thought i’d put it up to show off the outfit (or what you can see of it). If you look closely you can see a black material hair flower clipped to the side of my hair for an extra special touch.


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