Bringing Back The Pre-Poo

In all honesty it’s been a while since i’ve pre-poo’d my hair on a regular basis. When i first started out on this hair journey it was something i did religiously. Especially because my scalp was quite irritated at the time, so i wanted to heal and rebalance it through pre-shampoo treatments.

Because of a thing we call life, i haven’t been so consistent with pre-pooing like i used to be. But all that is going to change. I’ve decided to jump back on the pre-poo wagon and give my hair regular treatments when cleansing. Especially as the weather has turned cold, wet and yucky!

Pre-Poo Treatment

I will be using Aloe Vera Gel and Avocado Oil (when i have it) as my regular pre-poo treatment. Aloe Vera Gel is very soothing and healing on my scalp and adds a nice touch of moisture to my hair. Avocado Oil is excellent as a conditioning oil. It penetrates easily into the hair shaft and softens it right up. Lovely. The only thing is that it doesn’t smell that nice (but i can live with that!). If Avocado Oil is not available i will use Olive Oil instead.

How Will I Be Using It

I will section my hair into four (as usual) and working one section at a time i will start by applying some Aloe Gel to my hair and work that in well. Next i will apply the Avocado oil liberally to that section and work that in well. Once my hair has softened up nicely i will then part the section and apply some Aloe Gel to my scalp and rub that in gently and then finish by twisting the section. I will repeat this for all sections. Once i’ve applied the treatment to all sections and twisted them, i will put a plastic cap (bag, lol) over my hair and finally cover that with a headscarf. I’m planning on leaving my treatment in overnight so will be doing this on Saturday evenings.

I’m going to do this when i’m scheduled for a cleanse. So a shampoo, Bentonite Cleanse or the Indian Herb Cleanse to give my hair extra love as these treatments can be a little drying if not properly prepared for.

My regime will be changing now as the weather has turned quite cold here in the UK. So i’ll be posting my updated Autumn/Winter routine soon. So Keep an eye out for that.

Take Care!


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