My Twists

Just a quick post to show you what my twists look like.

I’m just not in to sitting for hours at a time to twist my hair so as you can see, they are pretty chunky.

I might make the sides a bit smaller next time. Maybe there is such a thing as too chunky lol.

I won’t be adding any extra hair (extensions) to my twists as i feel my hair is long and thick enough to do without it.

Twists-Front From the Front

PICT1332 From the Side

Twists-Top From the Top


Over the next few weeks i’m sure i’ll become a pro at my chunky twists.

I’ll be wearing lots of headbands and elastics to make a simple style a bit more fun and to add some variation.

Twist Close-up A close up of my front twist


Before i go, i just wanted to show how much my roots have grown and how much thicker they are compared to my ends. If you look closely you can see a big difference in thickness. This difference is more noticeable at the hairline as that is what was most affected by my bad hair care practices (too many extensions and too much blow-drying).

It’s lovely to see results. All my hard work is beginning to pay off. This motivates me to keep on going. I will never again return to such unrewarding hair care practices.


Take Care

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