Any Questions?

If you have any questions concerning any of the things that i’ve blogged about – from the alternative treatments to air-drying and styling to products, you can get in contact with me at this email address:

I don’t profess to know everything but i will try to help where i can. If i don’t know the answer i will do as much research as i can to learn about the answers to your question and queries and get back to you. I love to learn so this is a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge.

So again –

  • Questions on hair care – Thinking of going natural, transitioning or fully natural,
  • Problems with hair loss and/or irritated scalp issues,
  • Need help putting a good hair care routine together,
  • Or anything you feel i may be able to advise you on or help you with i am here to help.

So that email address again is…

If i get some really interesting questions i will even post it up on the blog.


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