Thank You Lonei

I just want to say a big thank you to Lonei for taking the time to share with us her hair journey and regime. You truly are an inspiration to me and i know others will be blessed by the knowledge you have given and the example that you have set.

So what i have learnt from you is:

  1. Low manipulation is a must. i.e LEAVE YOUR HAIR ALONE! lol. Too many of us have our hands in our hair too much. Simple, fuss free styles and a low combing strategy seems to have worked wonders for you.
  2. A low heat regime is necessary to keep hair healthy. The less heat you use, the less damage can be caused to the hair shaft ensuring that your hair stays in good condition.
  3. MASTER YOUR OWN HAIR! I think this is the biggest lesson i have learnt from you. It’s so important to know how to do your own hair. Learn how to care for it, wash it, style it, and keep it healthy.
  4. Consistency is key. Have a plan and stick to it. After you have decided what your hair regime will be, it’s important to stick to it and be consistent with it. That is what really helps us to achieve our goals of longer, healthier hair.

Thank You once again and i wish you blessings on all your endeavours. Stop by again some time to share some more tips with us.


Take Care!

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