Tangle Teezer Review On Natural 4b/a Hair

This little brush seems to have taken the world by storm. Everywhere i turn i’m seeing Tangle Teezer (TT) reviews. Even in the black natural hair community.

Most reviews are positive and some are not so good and so i’ve held off buying one. But a good friend of mine, Miss D,  encouraged me to try it out as she has had very good results with it. So i finally bought a pink one off Amazon for £9.99.

My Review

On My Daughter

I first tried out the brush on my 4yr old daughter’s hair on Friday. She has the same hair type as me 4b/a. I took down her hair from the braided style it had been in all week and sectioned it into four, twisting each section. I was meant to wash it but i was so tired i had decided i was going to leave it and restyle it on Saturday instead. But my lovely daughter decided to ‘wash’ her hair herself in the shower and completely saturated her hair with water. I still didn’t wash it though (naughty mummy) but just towel dried it.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out the TT so i untwisted one section and applied a little of my leave in conditioner. I then split the section in two and started detangling. Mind you, i hadn’t combed through her hair at all since taken down her braided style. I started at the ends and gently worked my way up. It detangled her hair beautifully. I mean, separated every single strand of hair and effortlessly glided through without ripping any out. The TT removed all the shed hair. Her hair was so soft afterwards it was quite unreal. I finished by sealing with my whipped shea hair butter and cornrowing the section. I repeated the steps for the other three sections. There was a little lint and dirt clumped in the brush afterwards so i filled the sink with warm water, added a drop of shampoo and swished the brush in it for a few seconds. It worked like a charm.

On Me

In my last post i spoke of how it takes a lot longer to detangle my hair now i put it protective twists for the week. Well here’s how it went this week.

I started by taking down my twists yesterday and pre-pooing with Aloe Vera gel on my scalp and ends followed by my oil mix. Covered with a plastic bag and headscarf and went to bed. This morning i rinsed my hair and divided it into four sections as usual. Starting with one of the sections i applied a little oil and finger detangled. I then co-washed with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and proceeded to detangle. I found the TT quite easy to hold, not awkward at all. I split my section into about three and detangled these separately. Bearing in mind how long it normally takes to detangle my hair when i take down my twists, it was incredibly straight forward. I brushed the ends gently and worked my way up. It separated all my strands. It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t rough even though it’s all mostly hard plastic. Once completed, i rinsed out the conditioner and applied some Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends to my section and twisted. I repeated this for all remaining sections. before fully rinsing out.

The TT’s flexible rubber teeth, alternating from short to long and it’s smooth curved edges seem to ensure that it’s effective at gentle detangling. It didn’t rip out my hair or snag it. I had considerably less broken hairs in the bath and a surprisingly small amount of hair in the brush. VERY IMPRESSED. Effortless detangling, maximum removal of shed hair, minimum breakage. What more could you ask for! This handy little brush is going to reduce my two step detangling process to just one and will replace my wide tooth comb and Denman. Thank you Miss D!

My Rating

I would highly recommend the Tangle Teezer to any and everyone with natural hair. It worked so well on my 4b/a hair, especially considering it was in protective twists all week. If it worked for my daughter and i, it SHOULD work for you.


My only little niggle is with removing hairs out of the teeth which could be fiddly. But i used one of my small tooth combs and combed out the hairs quite easily so it’s not too big a deal.

My TT Detangling Tips

  • Don’t be tempted to take large bunches of your hair to detangle. Keep the sections small which will eliminate hard work and unnecessary breakage.
  • Hold the brush with your thumb resting where the brush curves inward. It’s much more comfortable to hold that way.
  • Take your time and detangle. Even though it’s good at what it does doesn’t mean you should take risks by brushing quickly. You WILL cause breakage. Slowly and gently is the way to go.

Happy detangling!!!

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