Hair Freedom: My First Flat Twist-Out

I’ve decided to set my hair free this week. Since it’s finally starting to warm up a little here in the UK, i think my hair can take a brake from the protective twists i’ve been doing all winter. I thought I’d celebrate the occasion by doing a flat-twist out, my first ever.

I pre-pooed, washed and DC’d my hair and dried it using the quick-drying method but instead of using no product i used a little leave-in conditioner. I find this keeps my hair smooth during the drying process. Once dry i sectioned off my hair into 5, oiled my scalp and used some of my new Twisted Buttercreme  to flat-twist (i’m still learning, watched countless videos on YouTube). Unfortunately i didn’t take any pictures of it as i only decided to share it with you this morning.

Here are some pictures. Sorry about the quality, i used my phone.

Twist-Out FrontFront Twist-Out SideSide

Twist-out BackOther Side/Back

Just for Comparison. Here’s some pics from Oct 09. My hair has grown quite a bit considering i’ve had two major trims (mini chops) between then and now.

PICT0340 PICT0342

I also stretched out my hair at the back out of curiosity. This is an unofficial length check i guess.

Length1 March 11 PICT1096 After trim June 10

Nearly BSL (i can’t believe it). I feel like my hair hasn’t grown that much but obviously it has. That’s why it’s good to take pictures because your own memory is not reliable at all. So maybe by the end of the year i’ll be fully BSL (bra strap length).

8 thoughts on “Hair Freedom: My First Flat Twist-Out

  1. It’s looking grand Nadia, grand! You can tell it’s had a nice protective holiday. It really does look happy and healthy. You’re making me want to take out my twists and roll with this!

  2. Love this addition. Want a bigger picture of the length check!!!!!!!

    We’re pretty much at the same length so, full BSL by the year end? Me too…(after a few cuts/trims, though..)

    • Yes Kells, I agree with you. My ends need a bit of a trim too. They’re looking a bit straggly against the fuller roots (the cons of protective twists, i guess). BSL by the end of the year!!!!

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