Coming Back Soon!!!

I know it’s been a really long time since i last posted anything. But i promise i’ll be back with a few posts in the near future. I’ve been really busy lately formulating new products to expand my Dia’s – All Natural range. I’ve already blogged about my ‘Twisted Buttercreme’, which will be out VERY SOON, along with my ‘Shea Hair & Scalp Oil’. I’ve also been working on a natural shampoo and conditioner, a light conditioning spray and a detangling spray, amongst other things, which has been lots of fun but hard work (it’s amazing how much research needs to be done on what ingredients to add). So look out for them soon. I’m currently selling the Leave-In Conditioner that you can purchase from the website. I’ll let you all know when each of these products are out.

So add all that to looking after three children (6 & under) the school run, cooking cleaning & doing homework, my days are pretty packed. But as i said i’ll be back with a few posts on how i’ve been applying Kelly’s advice on using natural ingredients for optimal skin health. I’ve also been battling with hair loss at the nape (AGAIN!!! ARGGHHH) and i’ll write about what i’ve been doing (inside & out) to try and nurse my poor nape back to a good place.

More from me later. Take Care!

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