Summer Hair–3 Step Moisturising

This summer, i’ve noticed my hair is just so dry. The warm air just sucks all the moisture out of it and my hair has felt very hard and wiry! Not good. Last summer i co-washed within the week to promote extra moisture and softness and it worked a treat. But alas, this summer, i haven’t had much time for the extra washes and pampering and IT SHOWS. But i have been trying out a new way of moisturising my hair nightly, which has made a HUGE difference in the softness of my hair. It’s a three-step moisturising routine, which really doesn’t take any longer than the two-step routine i’m accustomed to doing. Here’s what i do:

Step 1 – Spritz.
Using my trusty Aloe & Rosewater Spritz with glycerine. I spritz a section of my hair and smooth it in with my fingers. I always work in sections of four. It just works for me. As i don’t dry comb, when i take my hair down at night the partings are still definable.

Step 2 – Condition
Using my Creamy Leave-In Conditioner. I apply a small amount to my lightly spritzed hair and smooth it in gently, concentrating on the ends to make sure they are sufficiently coated.

Step 3 – Seal
Using my Shea Hair Butter mix or sometimes my Shea Hair & Scalp Oil mix. I use a small dollop of the butter, or a few drops of Shea Oil (that stuff is just so rich and smooth feeling, a wonderfully softening oil!) and smooth it over my hair, again making sure the ends are sufficiently coated. Then i twist the section and move on to the next one. I cover my hair with my satin head-wrap and head off to bed.

In the morning, my hair feels really soft. It’s working really well to combat the dryness from the warmer summer weather. If at the end of the day my hair feels oily but dry, i only do the first two steps before twisting, as the oil already in my hair is sufficient. This ensures my hair is properly hydrated without being overly greasy. I have tried just spritzing and sealing and just conditioning and sealing, and whilst they both work well at making my hair feel good, combining all three has seen the best results.

I’m still going to try to get in an extra co-wash in the middle of the week to help soften and moisturise my hair a bit more. Every time i co-wash i’m still amazed at how great it makes my hair feel! But at least i know, with this three step moisturising process, my hair is still getting what it needs to stay healthy and soft this summer.

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