DaVon’s Locs: Transitioning To Interlocks

It’s been about 2 months since I started comb-coiling DaVon’s hair (check out THIS POST if you missed that) and I said that I wanted to transition to interlocks once his hair was long enough. Well it’s finally reached a length that I could interlock it comfortably with my London Locks Tool, which I used to install Delaiah’s Microlocs.

Prepping His Coils

To start off the process, I washed his coils with a diluted clarifying shampoo and bicarb mix, using a stocking cap on his head to ensure his coils stayed in place, and dried it with a black microfibre towel.


I sectioned out 1 row and then clipped the rest out of the way. I then applied a small amount of Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Creme Wax to his roots and combed out as much of the coil as I could. His hair has already started to lock so I knew It wouldn’t comb out all the way. I then hooked on the London Locks Tool onto the end of his loc and interlocked up the length to his root using a 4-Point Rotation. Once I had finished interlocking I used a comb to re-coil, tighten and neaten up the ends of his loc and then clipped it out of the way.

It took me approx 4 hrs to interlock his whole head.

Finishing Up

Once I had finished his whole head I sat him under a hooded dryer for about 20 mins to set it and then let it cool before removing the clips. After the clips were out I wrapped up his head with satin du-rag for a few hours to help lay his locs flat.

I’ll probably do a follow-up interlocking session in 4 weeks or so to make sure that none have slipped. My plan for DaVon’s locs is to combine both palm-rolling and interlocking. So I want to interlock ever 3 months and palm-roll once a month in-between. It all depends on how fast his hair grows. I may find I only need to interlock every 4-6 months. I’ll just see how it goes.

I did record some footage of me doing his locs, so if they were half-descent (my kids helped me record it) I’ll post a video soon.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep you guys posted with updates.

5 thoughts on “DaVon’s Locs: Transitioning To Interlocks

  1. Madame, you have a lovely family and the lessons you are imparting as the little ones get their locs is inspiring and thoughtful.

    I love the way you approach the tasks and the joy the children show in their photos. I also looked at your husband’s blog and again the same lessons apply, his comment about having to wait so long for his appointment while the loctician chatted and was otherwise occupied speaks a lot to his own discipline and expectations.

    I am starting, for the third time, to loc my hair, I didn’t read enough the first two times and when my locs started to bud, I was so dismayed, I tried to control the buds, then gave up. This time, I am prepared, and have prepared by making the sections I want and braiding them. I will be doing the teasing and crochet method as my hair, as I grow older has lost much of its tight curl and won’t keep coils or twists.

    Thank you for your wonderful videos and deep praise for your remarkable children.

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