Delaiah’s Microlocs – 9 Month Update

We’ve reached the 9 month mark in Delaiah’s Microlocs journey, which I’m super pleased about. Here are the pics of her locs:

Her locs are doing well. We’ve had no issues whatsoever. We’ve been sticking to the maintenance routine we started out with which is wash every 2 weeks and retighten every 4. A major change I’ve made is to change her interlocking pattern from a 4 point to a 3 point rotation. I made this change a few months ago, mainly because it’s easier and quicker for me to do. I will do an updated retightening video at some point, showing how I retighten her locs using this 3 point rotation pattern.

Another change I’ve made is the shampoo I’ve been using on her hair. I’ve been using the Pantene Clarifying Shampoo, which I absolutely love for her locs. It really cleans off all the dirt and build-up and smells lovely too. The first shampooing always rinses out brown, which is a great indication that it’s picked up all that dirt. The second shampooing lathers amazingly and rinses out clear. This past wash, I tried an oil rinse on her locs. I don’t really want to use regular conditioner on her locs until they’re fully mature (even then I’m still not sure), but I felt it was time to add in something extra. I used a mix of Olive, Soya and Castor oils with some added fragrance oil to give it a nice scent. After shampooing I smoothed a generous amount of the oil mix through her locs from root to tip, left it on whilst she showered and then rinsed it out really well. All that was left to do was twist it up and let it dry. Her locs looked great. I’ll be keeping this step from now on. I will do an updated wash routine at some point too.

In between washes I hydrate her locs with water at night before twisting it for bed. If absolutely necessary, I’ll spray a little of the light oil spray after the water to seal it in, but I usually use that maybe once in the middle of the week. I’m finding that since the weather is getting warmer I don’t need to use oil that much.

I think I want to change the frequency of her washing to every week. After 2 weeks her locs look really dull, which isn’t very appealing. I want it to stay as clean as possible. I’ll try the change and see how it goes.

I’m working on the video update so keep an eye out for that.

That’s it for now. Until next time.


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