Delaiah’s Microlocs: 1 Year Locaversary!!!

It’s been 1 whole year since we first installed Delaiah’s microlocs! I can’t believe it. Time has flown by so quickly. Here are her 12 month progress shots.

Here are some comparison shots from week 1 to show the difference in her locs 1 year later.

As you can see, shrinkage is still working its magic. After a year the main growth you can see is at the nape. Overall her hair is doing really well. The microlocs themselves are getting fuzzier and have doubled in size, which can be seen by comparing the main body and ends of the locs with the roots, which are thinner and smoother. The ends are also much tighter.

From what I’ve read of other peoples experiences, year 1 is where the locs settle and thicken, and year 2 is when we should really start to see some growth. I’m really looking forward to seeing how her hair progresses over the next year.

She’s loved her locs from the first day we installed them and her love for them is going strong. She has a vision for her hair and she is willing to stick with it through all the different phases her hair has and will go through. I’m very proud of her for embracing her own vision of beauty and for not being swayed by others opinions. She is a true visionary!

Happy Locaversay!

5 thoughts on “Delaiah’s Microlocs: 1 Year Locaversary!!!

    • They are similar but not exactly the same. They are both very small locs created by interlocking the hair in a specific pattern. But Sisterlocks use a trademarked and closely guarded set of interlocking patterns, whereas I have used a very generic and basic pattern to form my daughters locs. So I cannot call her locs sisterlocks but they are micro-interlocks, hence why I called them Microlocs. Hope that’s helpful.

  1. Her hair is gorgeous. Can you please tell me where you got your tool from to install her locs? Not sure if you posted it and I missed it. Thank you

  2. I would like to thank you so much on how you installed your daughter sister locs . That really helped me on how to do them it is truly a blessing thank and may God continue to bless you

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