Indian Herbs–Revisited

Today is Month 2 – Week 1 of my Autumn/Winter Regime, which called for an Indian or Ayurvedic herb treatment. It’s been a while since i’ve done this treatment and i was quite excited to do it. Indian herbs always make my hair feel great and i’m so pleased with myself that i gave it a go.

I followed the same proportions of ingredients and made it the usual way. Click HERE for my post on what i use and how i make it. Also check out my Tutorial for step by step pictures of how i make and apply it.

So i mixed my treatment and applied it to my hair which i had oiled from the night before using my Oil Mix (i just couldn’t be bothered to apply the Aloe Gel, i was so tired, lol). I left on the herbs for about 20 minutes and then, one section at a time, rinsed thoroughly until the water ran clear and co-washed with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration. I rinsed that out thoroughly and re-applied the conditioner to detangle with my wide tooth comb and Denman brush. I rinsed that out again just to make sure that i got all the grit out. I twisted the section, applying a dab more conditioner before moving to the next section.

Once i had finished washing my hair i towel dried and applied my usual DC of JASON’s 84% Aloe Conditioner, honey and olive oil and wrapped a plastic bag over my head and my headscarf over that.

Whilst i was applying my DC, i noticed that my hair felt really soft and fluffy. I love this treatment!

I finished my hair by rinsing off the DC and dried it using the Quick-Drying Method i spoke about in my previous post. Followed by twisting my hair for the week using my Leave-In Conditioner and my Shea Butter mix.

Indian Herbs, although rather messy, are well worth the effort in my opinion.


Take care!