Leave-In Conditioner–Now Available To Order!

Leave-In Conditioner 3

You’ve seen me go through the process of trial and error to create my wonderful Leave-In Conditioner. You’ve read how i have used it on wet and dry hair and critiqued it’s performance. And you know how much i love it!

Well… Now you can have a bottle of my Leave-In Conditioner to try for yourself.

It’s been great for my 4b/a hair and i KNOW that it will work wonders for you, whether you have the same texture as me or not. If you have a looser curl pattern than you will need even less of it to get the same great results. If you have 4C type curls than you will need a little more, but it will still be great for you.

You already know the ingredients and  the process i use to make it. You know my ethos of using as natural ingredients as possible for my delicate tresses. So you know you’re in good hands.


  • Detangling wet, damp or dry hair – for excellent slip whilst combing
  • Extra conditioning after & in between washes – leaving hair softer and easier to handle
  • Taking down braids or twists – for less breakage and shedding
  • Rebalancing pH – with a pH of 5 this conditioner will smoothen your cuticles and bring your hair and scalp back into it’s optimal pH range
  • Extra moisture and Strength – With Aloe juice, my own herbal tea infusion, Honeyquat and Hydrolysed wheat and silk amino acids, this Leave-In will not only strengthen your hair but will draw more moisture into your strands to promote healthier, softer, stronger hair!

My Leave-In Conditioner is gentle enough for the whole family. I use it on all three of my kids, two being boys and 1 being just 2 years old, with excellent results (due to the essential oils i would not recommend use on newborns).

To place your order online please go to

Or if you prefer to email me your order at you are more than welcome to.

The Price you ask? £10 for 250ml. 500ml bottles available soon!!!

This is a handmade, naturally derived, super rich and creamy Leave-In that is  as wonderful to use as it is extremely economical. A little goes a very long way!

You know you want to try some.

Go on, order yours today!