New Dia’s Website Launched


If any of you have gone to my website over the past few days you might have noticed a few changes. I’ve worked super hard to bring about a better shopping experience for my customers by creating a new and improved website.

I’ve included some of the most helpful haircare tips on this blog on there so you can browse the products as well as gain some inspiration on caring for your curls, coils and kinks! There’s even a ‘Building A Regime’ article on there with some great examples and tips to help you put together a haircare regime to suit you and your hair’s needs. You can now also leave reviews on each product (although you can’t leave a star rating… yet). So for all those who have tried the products, head over there and leave your comments. I would appreciate that very much! All payments are still processed via PayPal which makes life easier and more secure for all of us. I’ll be launching some new products this year so check back regularly to see what becomes available.

I’ve also launched a Dia’s – All Natural Blog that you can access via the new website which will keep you updated on all things Dia’s.

Check it all out and let me know what you think. If you come across anything that isn’t working properly or have any suggestions as to how i can further improve the site, then send me a message via the form on the Contact Me page.

Happy Shopping!