Co-Washing & The Quick-Drying Method

This week is week 4 of my new regime which called for co-washing and deep conditioning (DC). On Saturday night i took down my twists which i’ve kept for the week but i didn’t pre-poo as i was going to co-wash the following day and it doesn’t really call for the extra treatment.

On Sunday i washed and detangled my hair with Liz Earle Botanical Shine Conditioner for Dry hair and deep conditioned with my mix of Jason’s 84% Aloe Vera Conditioner mixed with honey and olive oil.

I must say that my hair greatly loves co-washing. It makes my hair feel incredibly soft. All the conditioning without the overly cleansing stripping shampoo is just what my hair needs this winter. More Please!

Quick-Drying Method

A little while ago i came across a video of a woman named curlychronicles on YouTube and she talked about this method she uses to air-dry her hair within a few hours. It intrigued me because my hair takes about a day to dry overall after i wash it. If i wash today and cornrow it for air-drying, the following morning it’s still slightly damp which can be rather annoying.

The quick-drying video can be found here.

So after i co-washed and DC’d in my usual four twisted sections i towel dried my hair and then took down one section, towel dried again and then divided and re-twisted the section into two or three twists depending on the size of the section. I did this without applying any product to my hair. I had already detangled in the shower so it parted easily.

Afterwash Twists FrontTwists from washing

Afterwash Twists SideTwists from washing – side

Quick Dry Twists Front My hair after towel drying and re-twisting in slightly smaller sections allowing it to dry faster

QuickDry Twists Side My Quick dry twists from the side

Quick Dry Twist Out Front After about an hour and a half i carefully undone the twists and continued to let it dry for another hour or so.

Quick Dry Twist Out Side Here’s what it looks like from the side

Quick Dry Dry Hair Front After the hour or so drying time my hair was practically dry. Just slightly damp at the root.

Quick Dry Dry Hair Side Dry hair from the side.

I have super shrinky hair as you can see from the last two photos. From looking at these you would never believe my hair was past my shoulders. Here’s a pic to prove it. lol.

Quick Dry Length Check Nearly APL (arm pit length)

After my hair was dry i then preceded to section it for my weekly twists. I parted my hair with a tail comb, applied my leave-in conditioner and shea butter mix and twisted it into my smaller (but still rather chunky) twists.

Finished Twists My finished twists

Finsihed Twists Side From the side.

All in all i think the quick drying method really works. and it’s not too much extra effort. It took my hair a little longer than curlychronicles to dry, about 2 1/2  – 3 hours, but i loved the fact that my hair was fully dry when i finished with it. Normally i twist my hair straight after washing so my hair is still wet when done. But twisting on dry hair allowed for a neater finish, i believe. So i’m definitely going to continue with this if i have the time.

A Quick Note

A quick note on my leave-in conditioner. I haven’t used it before on dry hair. I only use it straight after washing, before air-drying, so i was interested to see how it would perform on dry hair. OUTSTANDING (if i do say so myself, lol). After drying my hair with no product, my hair felt quite crispy dry. But after applying my leave-in it became so soft again. It worked really well. So i’m very pleased with it.