Wash Day – All About The Hair

After focusing on my scalp last week i was looking forward to spending a bit of time on my hair this week. I was due a shampoo so got out my Aubrey Organics Desert Herb Shampoo, which is an all natural sls free shampoo. I wanted to make sure my hair was loved up and glowing by the end of the session so here is what i did:

  1. Hot Oil Treatment – I sectioned my hair into four and applied Avocado oil to each section and then twisted the section. Put on a plastic bag and left it for about an hour.
  2. Shampooed – Once only, focusing on my scalp and making sure it was clean. I always wash my hair in sections because it stops it from tangling and that’s why i start off with twisted sections right at the beginning, for this purpose.
  3. Detangled – Using a cheapie conditioner (Vo5 Silk Elixir). One section at a time applied conditioner, untwisted  and detangled, first using a wide tooth comb and then followed with a Denman Brush. Rinsed and re-twisted each section before moving on to the next.
  4. ACV Rinse – I didn’t want the cheaper conditioner coating my hair strands and reducing the effect of the deep conditioner. It’s sole purpose was to aid detangling so i wanted to make sure i got it out whilst also giving my scalp a subtle kiss and saying i haven’t forgotten about you ;-p. I used about 1/8 – 1/4 cup acv to about 1 litre water and poured over my hair, massaging my scalp for a few seconds before rinsing.
  5. Deep Conditioned – Using J/A/S/O/N’s Sea Kelp conditioner, honey and macadamia nut oil. Untwisted, applied conditioner and re-twisted. Put a plastic bag over my head and then sat under my dryer hood for about 20 mins (was way too tired to go any longer). Then i let it cool down to body temperature before rinsing.
  6. Rinsed – with cool water without taking down the twists to ensure hair stays detangled.
  7. One section at a time, untwisted, applied leave-in conditioner, Shea Pomade and hair oil to my ends and then oiled my scalp with the Shea pomade massaging it in well before cornrowing. So i end up with four cornrows ready to air dry.

One thing i did notice today was how my hair felt after shampooing. I’ve been co-washing mostly and using other cleansing methods such as the Indian herb powders so this is my first shampooing in a month. My hair felt quite squeaky and dry after shampooing which i’m not sure about. Aubrey’s is definitely a good brand to use so am not questioning that. I guess that i’m now seeing how my hair reacts to different things which is really interesting. If i had shampooed every week i’m sure i would not know how it’s really making my hair feel as that’s all i would know. Now i have deviated and tried something new i can see what effects it really has on my hair. I will definitely leave the shampooing to once a month and co-washing and cleansing with herbs the rest of the month as my hair felt good after each session. However my hair was beautifully clean after shampooing and ACV rinsing so i know my DC really penetrated deep into my hair without any obstacles. I will never shampoo without doing a DC, as I think they go hand in hand. A rinse out conditioner just won’t cut it.

My hair feels smooth, soft and well moisturised and i’m well pleased.