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A Week With My New Hair

Here’s my week caring for and styling my new hairstyle.

Saturday – Day 1

This is the finished style shown in my previous post. For bed, I covered it with a satin triangle scarf, tying it at the front so that my hair wouldn’t get squashed. In the morning I shook my head up-side down to separate the curls.

Sunday – Day 2

As you can see my hair is still quite defined but it’s slightly ‘pooffier’ and it wouldn’t lie down as flat. So I decided to gather the sides up slightly and pin them to help give the top some shape.

Monday – Day 3

I woke up with crazy hair!!! Lol. Still has some definition but it’s really ‘big’. So I decided to roll-up the back to concentrate the curls at the front to make a puffy fringe style.

By the end of the day my hair was nothing but frizz! So I decided to re-moisturise with my Conditioning Milk and re-twist with more of my Shea Pudding, this time making the twists much chunkier, but still using THIS TECHNIQUE I mentioned in my last post. I made about 6 twists in all.

Days 4-7

Decided to rock the twists for the rest of the week, spraying the twists daily with my Nourishing Oil Spray.

Sunday – Day 8

Took out the twists.

I’ve had fun with my new hair this week. Next wash I want to try a wash and go with some Eco Custard I bought. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Take care!