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My Weekly Co-wash

Yesterday I co-washed my hair and deep conditioned. I meant to do it earlier in the day but I had to do shopping and laundry and deal with the kids and the day just tumbled into night. So rather than wash my hair in the morning i did an evening wash. My husband works during the day and washing my hair with 3 kids under 5 (the youngest being just 1) without him, would not be a pleasant experience (hey don’t touch that cream! Put the comb down! Get what i’m saying?). So I thought i’d make the most of the evening and go ahead with the wash.


So I started out by sectioning my hair into four twists, making sure there was plenty of space at the root to get my fingers in to wash my scalp. I then gave it a good rinse and the slathered on some Herbal Essences It’s A Curl Thing. I scrubbed my scalp using the ball of my fingers and then applied conditioner to the ends. Then Detangled by taking down a twist and putting more conditioner on the ends, then using a wide tooth comb to comb through the section. I then took my Denman brush and starting from the ends worked my way up slowly to the roots. I rinsed the section and then re-twisted it. I repeated this process for all the sections.

My Deep Condition (DC) consisted of J/A/S/O/N’s Sea Kelp conditioner, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and Honey. I towel dried my hair by putting the towel over my head and patting and squeezing. I don’t rub my hair with the towel as this can cause breakage. One section at a time, i untwisted, applied my DC mix to the section making sure all strands were coated and then re-twisted, repeating for each section. I placed a plastic bag over my head and then left it on for about 45 mins. I did intend to sit under my dryer hood but i got talking with my hubby and the time just flew by so i settled for just the heat generated by my own head. I rinsed out the conditioner without taking down the twists, towel dried, then one section at a time, took down the twist, applied leave-in conditioner, my Shea Pomade and Hair Oil to the strands and then Shea pomade to the scalp. I then cornrowed the section to air dry. I repeated this for all the sections.

I normally use Macadamia Nut Oil in my DC’s but i decided to try EVOO and see if that works better. It worked very well but i’m not sure if it’s any better than the Macadamia Nut oil. I think i’ll stick with the Macadamia Nut Oil for DC’s but at least i know that i can reach for the EVOO if it runs out.

Another thing to mention is the Herbal Essences conditioner. I think it smells really nice and it’s thick and sumptuous. I noticed that it washed away really cleanly and didn’t leave any build up. My hair felt clean after rinsing it out and it didn’t have any film over it as i find with the Vo5 range.

Overall, very pleased with the wash session. My hair feels silky, smooth and soft and ready for another week of COLD, wind, rain and central heating.