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My First Ayurvedic Hair Treatment

So… I’ve been kind of bantering back and forth as to whether I should use the ayurvedic powders on my hair. I’ve read good things and I’ve read not so good things about it. I have been watching countless videos on YouTube of naturals using these powders and their techniques and tips and all seem to have good results. So i decided to go ahead and try it out today, and here is what i did.

Firstly, I oiled my hair with my Hair Oil Mix last night and put on a plastic cap (that’s a plastic bag for me) and then put my head scarf on and went to bed.

This morning I mixed my powders together in the following quantities:

  • 6 tbsp Amla powder
  • 1 tbsp Brahmi powder
  • 1 tbsp Aritha Powder
  • 1/2 tbsp Neem powder
  • 1/2 tbsp Shikakai powder
  • 1/2 tbsp Rose powder
  • Hot water

Mix these powders together in a bowl and add enough hot water to mix into a semi runny paste (like yoghurt). Leave to cool. Once cool it will swell and become slightly thicker in consistency.

So… I applied it to my hair in sections, altogether i had four sections. After applying to each section i twisted it and then wrapped it into a bantu knot (or china bump, whatever you know it as). I left it on whilst i went downstairs to mix up my deep conditioner. After about 10 minutes i washed it out in the shower, a section at a time, really giving it a thorough rinse. I then co-washed the section twice, rinsed clean and twisted the section again. I repeated for the rest of the sections. Once completely clean i towel dried my hair and then applied my deep conditioner, still in sections, re-twisting each one. My deep conditioner was Aubrey Organics Desert Hair, honey and macadamia nut oil. When finished i put a plastic bag over my head and left it on for about an hour. rinsed it out and applied my spritz, Shea Pomade, Hair oil and then braided my hair into four cornrows to dry.

I was scared it would be a gruesome affair to be honest. All that grit in your hair you can’t get out! But it turned out to be not that bad. I think because my hair was well oiled the grit washed out well. As i applied the paste to my hair it felt quite drying and i thought ‘oh no’. But as i washed out all the grit it turned from hard and dry to soft and bouncy (lovely). I’m really quite impressed. Oh, and the smell? Not bad. It hardly smelt of anything to be honest, maybe slightly ‘herby’ with some rose.

I’ll definitely add this to my regime. It will take the place of one of my Shampooing sessions. I’ll do this once a month, in the middle of the month and shampoo once only at the beginning of the month. All other washes will be co-washes.

Overall I’m very pleased.

Next time I’ll take some pics and post them up.

I bought my herbs from Spices of India, the Hesh brand.