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Hair Notes & Liz Earle Hair Care Review

This is week 3 of my new Autumn/Winter Regime and yesterday i shampooed and detangled with the new Liz Earle Shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. Now, i love the Liz Earle skincare range which i use on a daily basis so when they announced the new Haircare range i jumped at the chance of trying it out on my 4b/a kinky hair. Don’t get me wrong, they didn’t offer it to me free of charge. I paid full price of £7.50 each, via the website, for the privilege.

Liz Earle Hair Care Review

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo – For all hair types

The shampoo itself is nice and thick and smells nice. I tested the pH and it came in at 5.5 (ish) which i was very pleased with. So in this respect it’s similar to the Curl Harmony shampoo but it’s much thicker in consistency which to me puts it ahead in the game. There is no waste with this shampoo but the Curl Harmony shampoo literally slips through your fingers, its that watery thin. This Shampoo contains cocamidopropyl betaine which is a gentle surfactant that is good at removing build up off the hair, so i was expecting it to be a little drying.

I squeezed a tiny amount into my hand (and i do mean tiny), and rubbed it into one of my sections. I wash my hair in four sections. It lathered beautifully. This is great as not many ‘natural’ shampoos lather well. I know it’s not the lather that cleans the hair but i still get a sense of satisfaction when i get a head full of it. I squeezed off the excess shampoo and dabbed a little of the Liz Earle Conditioner on before rinsing it off. My hair felt really good. It was super bouncy and light. It felt clean but not stripped and really soft. I LIKE IT. A lot.

9/10 for this shampoo

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Liz Earle Botanical Shine Conditioner – For Dry Hair

Can you say…thick? This conditioner is soooooo thick. And the smell of it is …interesting. Kind of earthy and green. Not my favourite smell if i’m totally honest but do-able. I like my conditioners to have a sweeter smell. I also tested the pH of this and it came up at 5.5 (ish). Very impressed. Not many conditioners come into this range. This is the first conditioner (besides my own) that hasn’t tested neutral and i’m putting it down to the hoards of Aloe Vera in it. It is also silicone free.

After i rinsed the shampoo off i squeezed a generous amount into my hand and rubbed it into my hair. The thickness that was a plus for me became a bit of a minus as i felt it was a bit hard to spread over my hair. I combed my hair first and then followed with the Denman. It detangled really well. Again my hair was super bouncy. My hair really liked it. It became nice and soft. I twisted the section without rinsing after detangling and finished the rest of my hair. I rinsed it out all together without taking the twists down. my hair felt really good.

I then applied my deep conditioner (DC) which was JASON’s 84% Aloe Conditioner mixed with macadamia nut oil and honey. As i took down the twists to apply the DC i noticed how soft and light my hair felt.

8/10 for this conditioner. The smell and overly thick consistency let it down a little for me.

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Hair Notes


I pre-poo’d my hair Saturday night with aloe vera gel on the scalp and hair followed by my oil mix (see below). I try to take a mental note of how my hair feels after each treatment, shampoo and condition and i noticed that my hair didn’t feel as soft as i would have liked after my last pre-poo with avocado oil. This could have been down to using too much aloe gel on my ends as this time i did not use so much, but it could also be that my hair doesn’t like avocado oil singly. After using my oil mix instead, i noticed my hair felt much nicer as i rinsed my hair before washing.

Another effect of pre-pooing i noticed is that it aids greatly with detangling. After taking out my twists ,which i’ve kept for the week, my hair stays in these little clumps together in the twisted sections (twist-out). But once i stepped in the shower and began rinsing my hair, i noticed that my hair almost instantly detangled itself. All on its own. I ran my fingers through my hair a little to aid in the detangling and it was very easy.

This may have also been why the Liz Earle Shampoo and Conditioner worked so well on my hair. I definitely recommend pre-pooing.

Oil Mix

I decided to put together a mix of oils to use throughout the week instead of my Shea Butter mix as i find the Shea butter is too thick to spread over the twists properly. I mixed together castor oil (about half of the overall mix), avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil and babassu oil. I also added a few drops of essential oils to give it a nice smell.

The oil mix works nicely with my twists and helps to moisturise and seal my ends.

I spritz my twists lightly each night and follow up with the oil if necessary. It’s a little greasier than my Shea Butter mix but it spreads nicely and coats my twists evenly. I like it.

I will use my Shea butter mix after i wash my hair and then use the oil mix on my twists throughout the week.