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TKC: Honey – For Health and Healing with Recipes

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By Kelly


Throughout my research, I have found honey to the most amazing ingredient,  it has many uses and I have found the list to be on-going. Because of this, I’ll be posting about honey in sections.  This first post will be about health and healing and subsequent posts will feature honey for skin and hair. Recipes Included!

The list uses that I will post will not be exhaustive.  There are many more than I can post about.  This is just to get you started and to hopefully help you to see that just one ingredient from the kitchen cupboard, can do so much. 




How Honey Heals

Honey promotes healing in a variety if ways.  The high sugar, low moisture levels create a low osmotic effect, drawing liquid out of anything it comes into contact with.  If is it a bacterium, it is desiccated and dies.  The same ability to absorb and hold moisture means that excess fluids are drawn from the wound site, which helps to reduce oedema (build up of fluids is tissues) and inflammation.  Added to this, honey is acidic which is an inhospitable environment got bacteria.  Finally, honey is a source of hydrogen peroxide, which is a well known antiseptic. 


Honey and Healing

Ulcers, bed sores, abscesses, boils, burns and post-operative infections have all been treated with honey and it has been used for wounds that have refused to heal, even after a year. 




5ml/ tsp  Honey

A handful of Fresh or Dried Mint Leaves

250ml/8fl oz/ 1 cup Chamomile Tea


1. Add the honey and the Mint Leaves to the Chamomile Tea

2. Leave to soak for a while

3. Strain the tea into a jug and discard the leaves.  Sip a cup of the tea before bed each night.



15ml/ 1 tbsp Honey

1. Swallow the honey

2. Brush teeth before bed

No liquids for three hours before going to bed



Stomach Problems

250ml/ 8fl oz/ 1 cup Nettle Tea

10ml/ 2tsp  Honey

1.  Make a cup nettle tea

2.  Stir in honey to sweeten


Often the cause of stomach upsets is the heliocobacter pylori bacteria.  Honey is known to inhibit the growth of this strain, so much so that it is advised for the relief of ulcers.  Nettle is a natural Diuretic and stimulates the digestive system


Travel Sickness

15ml/ 1 tbsp Honey

15ml/ 1 tbsp Ground Ginger or 2.5/1in Fresh Root Ginger (peeled and sliced)

1 litre/4 cups Hot Water

1.  Mix the honey and ginger together

2.  Add to hot water and decant to a flask. 

3.  Strain and drink


Ginger has an anti-emetic property owing to it’s aromatic oil.



5ml/ 1 tsp Powdered Ginseng

5ml/ 1 tsp Honey

250ml/ 8fl oz/ 1 cup Hot Water

1.  Mix the ginseng and honey together, then add the hot water

2.  Allow to stand for one minute before drinking


A tablespoon of the honey and ginseng elixir will relax the nerves and help in the recovery to the nervous system in preparation for the day ahead. 


Hot Flushes

15ml/ 1 tbsp Honey

10ml/ 2tsp Lemon juice

10ml/ 2tsp Dried Sage

5ml/ 1 tsp Dried Angelica

1 litre/ 4 cups Water

1.  Put the honey, lemon, sage and angelica in a pan with the water and bring to the boil.  Make sure to keep it covered to avoid losing all the properties to the atmosphere.  Simmer over a low heat for about 5-10 mins.  Leave to cool. 

2.  Strain and pour the mixture into a bottle.  Refrigerate until required then drik regularly to relieve the symptoms. 


Low Energy

1 litre/ 4 cups Cider Vinegar or Tea of Choice

15ml/ 1 tbsp finely chopped Onion

2 Cloves Garlic, finely chopped

15ml/ 1tbsp Fresh Ginger. peeled and sliced

1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and chopped

5ml/ 1 tsp grated horseradish

15ml/ 1 tsp honey

1.  Mix the cider vinegar/ tea, chopped onion, garlic, ginger, jalapeno pepper, horseradish and honey together in a saucepan.

2.  Bring to the boil for about 10 mins

3.  Cool, strain and store in the refrigerator


This tonic will stimulate the circulatory system, increase the efficiency of the body’s blood and lymph flow and increase the feeling of wellbeing.


Migraines and Headaches

10ml/ 2 tsp Dried Melissa

10ml/ 2 tsp Dried Peppermint

10ml 2 tsp Dried Yarrow

5ml/ 1 tsp of Dried Chamomile

10ml/ 2 tsp Honey

475ml/ 2 cups Hot Water

1.  Mix the dried herbs and honey into the hot water.  Leave to soak for 5-10 mins.

2.  Strain and transfer to to a glass.  Drink a small cup every two hours.


To prevent an attack of migraine, take 10 ml/ tsp of honey at mealtimes.



4  Celery Sticks, chopped

15ml/ 1 tbsp honey

15ml/ 1 tbsp Water

1.  Liquidise the celery stick, honey and water  until well blended.  Add a little more water if necessary, to make a smooth drink.

2.  Pour some into a glass and drink.  Refrigerate the remainder until required.

The potassium in honey is said to be a relaxant and celery contains active compounds called pthalides, which aid in the relaxation of the muscles of the arteries that regulate blood pressure.  A tablespoon of this relaxant at mealtimes can have a very beneficial effect in promoting relaxation and reducing nervous tension/


Stay in touch for more recipes for hair and skin.


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