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I’ve been thinking….

I’m a bit bored of Dia’s! (Don’t shoot me just yet!!!). When i first started formulating i really enjoyed it. It was theraputic, but now…. not so much. It’s rather stressful testing formula after formula for products for different curl types, trying out different essential oil combinations and consistently not liking what is being produced. Don’t get me wrong, i’m happy with the products i’ve created so far but i’m altogether a bit bored!

I’m considering rebranding to something a bit more fun and not so serious as Dia’s – All Natural. I want to experiment with different ingredients and explore fragrances. I also want my products to be cheaper in general then what they are now to make them easier for my customers to purchase and re-purchase (we are in a recession after all). I will still include all the great natural ingredients that you all have come to expect of Dia’s such as Aloe, Shea Butter, all the lovely oils etc. But stripped down and reformulated to include only the ingredients that will do a fantastic job without costing the earth!

I’ll be taking across some (not all) of my Dia’s range, tinkering around with some of the formulations to improve on them if i can, as well as bringing out some new stuff like a rich pomade (will be a great alternative to petroleum based ones), a moisturising deep conditioner, a protein/moisture balancing deep conditioner and a protein-rich reconstructor. I think i will also focus on one type of product in the range. No more a million and one different hair oils, different hair butters, etc. to try and suit every hair type under the sun. One is good! Possibly two if requested. We’ll see.

Just thinking out loud. Watch this space…