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My First Treasure Tress Unboxing

Hi guys. I thought I’d share my very first Treasure Tress unboxing and style results with you. I came across Treasure Tress on Instagram and liked the idea of receiving a box of different goodies every month specifically for my kinky/coily hair. It costs £20 a month on subscription and you can choose from the Mini-Me Box (for young girls), the Tween Box (for teenagers) and the Queen box (for the ladies). You all know I usually make a lot of the products I use on my hair myself, but I kinda wanted to mix it up a little. Maybe I’ll come across something I’ll really like.

Here are some pics of my first box.

The box contained:

  • Motions For Natural Textures Moisturising Cleanser
  • Motions For Natural Textures Deep Conditioning Masque
  • Bouclème Curl Cream
  • Eco Styler Play’n Stay Edge Style Control, Seaweed
  • Sheabutter Cottage Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Kali Medium 3/4″ Foam Rollers
  • Style Instruction card

I was super excited to give these products and accessories a try to see if I would like them. My wash day routine is pretty similar to that recommended on the instruction card. Here’s what I did:

Wash Day Routine

  1. Pre-Poo: Sectioned hair into 4. Taking the first section I applied Coconut Oil to dry hair, gently finger detangling. Twisted the section loosely and wrapped it into a bantu knot. Repeated for each section.Wrapped my head with a plastic bag and sat under my hooded dryer for 10 mins and then left it to cool for a further 5 mins before proceeding.
  2. Rinse: Taking down one section, I rinsed it thoroughly, gently finger detangling under the running water and massaging my scalp to loosen any sebum, allowing it to coat my roots ready for shampooing.
  3. Detangle: Using Tresemme Naturals conditioner and a Tangle Teezer, I detangled the section by applying the conditioner generously to the section, dividing it into smaller sections and gently detangling from tip to root. Once fully detangled I rinsed out the conditioner.
  4. Shampoo: Holding my hair taught with one hand I applied the Motions Shampoo directly to my scalp with the other hand and massaged the scalp gently, then rinsed thoroughly.
  5. Deep Condition: I applied a generous amount of the Motions Deep Conditioning Mask to the section, twisting it loosely and wrapped it into a knot.
  6. Repeat: I repeated steps 2-5 for each remaining section and covered my hair with a plastic cap and left it on whilst I showered (about 10-15 mins)
  7. Final Rinse: I removed the cap and rinsed out the Deep Conditioner really well with cool water. I dried my hair with a microfibre towel.
  8. L.O.C: Taking down one section, I split it into 2 sections, clipping one out of the way and applied some of the Bouclème Curl Cream to the section, smoothing that through really well, followed by Garnier Ultimate Blends Marvellous Glow Oil and then my Shea Buttercreme.
  9. Flat Twist: I flat twisted the section and then repeated step 8 & 9 with the remaining sections. I ended up with eight flat twists all together.
  10. Rollers: Once all the sections were flat twisted, I took a sponge roller and rolled a twist around it until most of the twist was wrapped in and then secured it. Repeating until all my twists were in rollers.
  11. Dry: I left my hair to air-dry for the rest of the day (I even visited my mum with the rollers still in my hair!)
  12. Style: The following day I removed the rollers, unravelled the twists and styled.
  13. Under-Cut: Applied the Bouclème Curl Cream to my short back and sides followed by the Eco Styler Play’n Stay Edge Style Control and brushed it down with boar bristle brush.

And there you go. This would also be my first time using rollers of any sort. I usually don’t do much with my twists, although I have tried bantu knotting them and really like the curls that gave. I’ll definitely be using these rollers again.

Product First Impression

Sheabutter Cottage Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: This smells sooooo good! I’m not a huge fan of applying virgin coconut oil directly to my hair without first mixing it with other oils or into a product because it makes my hair really wiry. But I thought since I had it and needed a strengthening treatment, I might as well use it. This is some super quality coconut oil. If you want to know the benefits of coconut oil I recommend visiting The Natural Haven’s blog post on it.

Motions For Natural Textures Moisturising Cleanser: Smells nice and gave a really good lather. Rinsed out well and left my roots smooth and soft, not over-stripped, dry or wiry. Liked it.

Motions For Natural Textures Deep Conditioning Masque: Thick white mask that is very ‘coating’ which is good. It really clung to my hair in a thick oily, weighty layer. Made my hair feel soft (ish), and once rinsed out, my hair felt really smooth but not necessarily soft. Not sure if I prefer this over the Hello Hydration Mask (in the jar) which makes my hair feel really soft after rinsing out, but I’ll definitely use it up.

Bouclème Curl Cream: Thick leave-in conditioner that smells really lovely. The scent is a very sweet essential oil type scent which is very strong. Even under the other styling products I could still smell it. I like the scent so that’s ok with me. It made my hair feel lovely and soft and worked really well under my other styling products providing a smooth base (which is how Treasure Tress recommend you use it). I was super impressed with this and it could easily become a staple for me.

Eco Styler Play’n Stay Edge Style Control: This is a super stiff styling pomade, which reminds me of the Let’s Jam I usually use, but it’s much stiffer. It’s quite hard to spread it across all my undercut because it’s so stiff but if I use my fingernails to scrape off a good amount and rub it in my hands to warm it up a bit I can get it on there. Lol. Once I brushed it in it really made my (slightly overgrown) short back and sides lie down really nicely. I like it.

For me, the Bouclème Curl Cream was definitely the star of the show. Overall I was super pleased with my products and my curly flat-twist out end result.



Thanks Treasure Tress!