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I Bought It – The Science Of Black Hair!

Yes…. the book that has everyone astir! I finally bought the book that all women of colour, natural & relaxed, are hailing as the new hair bible. And i see why!

What a book. I’m only half way through and i’ve learned SOOOO much already. A lot of the research i have done over the past few years/months all seem to be inline with the information presented in this book so i’m really pleased to know that i’m on the right track (phew).

I’ve just finished the section on Healthy Hair Management. And i must say… All the basics i understand about good healthy hair care practices are covered in detail plus a lot more, going into they why’s. It’s more important to understand why we do certain treatments and why they are needed than to be told simply the instructions of how to do things. If you understand why, then structuring your hair care regime will be a whole lot easier.

She covers extensively:

  • The make-up the hair and scalp
  • Understanding pH balance and (hard) water issues
  • How to determine your hairs porosity and how to correct any issues
  • Terminal Length – how long your hair can actually grow
  • Understanding your curl/coil type and how it benefits to know
  • Outlining healthy hair care basics
  • Wet Testing – Get to know your hair
  • Understanding ingredients, what to look for and what to avoid
  • The importance of maintaining the correct moisture/protein balance and how to
  • The different causes of breakage and how to remedy them
  • Understanding chemicals and how to use them to minimise damage caused
  • And lots, lots, lots more

And i’m only half way through!

I recommend everyone who is interested in growing and maintaining healthy hair to purchase this book. It’s given me a lot to think about and over the course of the next few posts i’ll be detailing what i’ll be doing to update my haircare regime for even better, healthier hair care results!

I bought the special edition, hard-back, in colour from Amazon.co.uk