Coping With Hair Loss Part 2 – Educate Yourself

By Kathleen Williams

Educate Yourself

Depending on the cause of the hair loss you are facing and whether it will be temporary or permanent, there are many positive things that you can learn about the condition. For example, if your hair loss is caused by chemotherapy or certain medications you can learn ways to deal with and reduce the severity of the hair loss while the condition is present and prepare yourself for the relief and feelings of happiness once your hair returns. If the hair loss is going to be permanent you can learn about ways to slow the progress of the hair loss, ways to replace the hair loss (such as hair transplants or wigs), and ways to make the most of your hair while you still have it.

There are three main ways that you can learn about hair loss:

  • First, check with doctor for any information he or she may have about your condition. You can also ask for a referral to a doctor that specialises in the treatment of hair loss.
  • Next, head to your local library or bookstore and check out information about your particular condition and the hair loss that it causes. These books, papers and magazines can offer a wealth of information about reducing hair loss or coping with the condition.
  • Finally, ask your doctor, or check the Internet for local hair loss support groups. In these groups you can find answers to your hair loss questions, support for your feelings, true understanding and great advice for coping.

Once you have armed yourself with all of the facts; it is time to start working on your attitude about hair loss and working on coping methods.

If the loss of your hair is weakening your self-esteem, you need to talk to other women who have been through it, your spouse and your friends and family. By sharing your concerns and insecurities you can learn that your feelings are normal, that others do not place as much importance on your hair as you do and that your hair, or lack of it, shouldn’t be your main area of focus.

Dealing with hair loss is very emotionally draining. However, once you move through the process of fear, denial, anger and acceptance you will find that you are better able to cope with your condition and you will feel like and be a better person for it.

In the next post we will be looking at the way hair grows to help us understand how hair loss affects hair volume.

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