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Cayenne Pepper Treatment – Week 4


This week is my last week doing the Cayenne Pepper Treatment. I’ve enjoyed doing it. The mess, the tingling, the getting it in my eyes and having to wash it out. lol. It was great.

I just repeated what i did last week as this was the 5th Sunday in the month. I rinsed, double shampooed added conditioner over the shampoo and rinsed. Then i detangled and rinsed that off. I DC’d in the usual manner with the Ikove conditioner i mentioned in the previous posts. Left that on for about 30 mins and rinsed in cool water. Leave-in conditioner, Whipped hair butter mix and 4 cornrows to air-dry.

I wanted to talk about a few of the products i used today as they were kind of the only downside to an otherwise great hair run.

I’ve been trying to run away from ‘cones’ in my regime for a while now and it has sent me on a crazy product chase which has led me overtime to wander down to boots to see what was available. I browsed the isles to find a suitable co-wash and detangling conditioner and had read somewhere about this product – Original Source White Source and Avocado Conditioner for £1.99. I was quite exited to try it out and used it today as my detangling conditioner and for the conditioner over shampoo. I was so far from impressed it wasn’t even funny. It took me AGES to detangle because this has no slip whatsoever. Once i rinsed this out my hair felt like it had been shampooed, not conditioned. It was not good. The only thing it was good for was the conditioner over shampoo for the not so stripped feeling. But that’s hardly worth trumpeting. Any conditioner can do that job. I’m going to throw it away. It’s that rubbish and i’m gaining some serious clutter with all the different products i’ve been trying.

Another thing i wanted to mention was the Ikove conditioner i’ve been using for the past four weeks is not cutting it for me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still the best ‘no-cone’ deep conditioner i’ve used but it’s quite temperamental. It’s results rely heavily on what product it follows on from. The best results i’ve had was following on from the Indian herb treatment. The end result was fantastic. But this week and last i noticed the results were not as great. Following on after a shampoo seems to make it struggle a little bit to get my hair to that ‘soft’ place. It’s conditioned but not so deeply.

Curl Harmony

I found a new product line that i’m going to try it’s called Curl Harmony and it can be found here. I’m going to try the shampoo, cleansing conditioner, hydrating conditioner and the intensive mask(doesn’t it sound like i’ve become a product junkie?). I’ve promised myself (and my sister-in-law) that this will be the final products i try out. Then, if they don’t please my demanding tresses i will gravitate back to what i KNOW my hair is happy with – Herbal Essences Hello Hydration for co-washing and detangling and Jason’s 84% Aloe Vera for deep conditioning. Both have dimethicone in them but even so my hair just loves them. I will update you with my results.

Next i will be trying the onion juice natural hair loss remedy which i will post about in greater detail.

Take Care