Introducing…. Lonei

I’m about to do something ridiculously controversial here and introduce to you a very good friend of mine. Her name is Lonei and she has been a huge inspiration to me. She is one of the very first ladies i know to grow her hair to super long lengths and she has graciously agreed to share with us her hair journey and regime.

Not that controversial… is it? well yes. Because she is relaxed. NOW DON’T STONE ME. lol.

My ethos is healthy hair. Yes i do champion natural hair. But i’m not going to turn away any good advice, whether it comes from a natural haired girl or not. I subscribe to relaxed as well as natural blogs and read most posts on forums the hair world round.

I believe in being humble and learning. Knowledge is knowledge and i am grateful to learn as much as i can.

I asked Lonei to grace this blog to show others that long, healthy hair is achievable even if you’ve never had it before (i’m trying to convince her to start her own blog for the relaxed lovelies among us… it’s not working right now though, lol)

I started this blog with the intention to document my journey and that’s what i’m doing. I’m still on my journey (kinda only really just started it)  and am still striving to reach my goals. But Lonei has already reached! And what better than to hear from someone who has already achieved the longer, healthier hair we all so very much desire.

So onto the guru herself…

Lonei’s Hair Journey

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