Curl Harmony Review – Mid-Week Co-Wash

Today i did a quick co-wash using the Curl Harmony Hydrating Conditioner.

I already had my hair sectioned off into four large twists before i went to bed so i started by rinsing my hair thoroughly. I took down one of the twists and rinsed some more. I pumped a few squirts of the conditioner into my hand and rubbed it through the section. The consistency is light, creamy and lotion like and when rubbed into my hair quickly turned thin and watery. The smell is quite strange to be honest. I can’t describe it well. It’s a sweet smell that’s also spicy like cinnamon or nutmeg and strong like perfume all at the same time. It’s not unpleasant but it’s an unusual smell for a conditioner i think. I made sure i rubbed it through well, scrunching my hair to get the strands well coated. I scrubbed my scalp with the balls of fingers and detangled with a wide tooth comb only and retwisted the section with the same conditioner still in. It detangled nicely, which i’m glad about. I repeated this for all the sections and finally rinsed out the conditioner with all four sections twisted. It left my hair feeling really soft. Lovely!

I then towel dried and added leave-in conditioner and Shea butter mix to my hair a section at a time and pulled it back into a ponytail and twisted the end into one large twist to air dry. I had to rush off to take my son to school so no large unsightly cornrows today, lol.

Overall The Hydrating Conditioner gets a big thumbs up for me. It coped very well with my demanding 4b/a tresses and left my hair feeling soft and conditioned.


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