My Autumn-Winter Regime 2010/11

Since the weather has turned cold and wet, i’ve noticed that moisture just doesn’t hold in my hair the way it did when it was warmer. Every night i moisturise my hair with my spritz mix and if necessary i seal with my Shea butter mix. If i touch my hair and it feels oily, i only spritz  and then re-distribute the oil already present in my hair. But if i touch my hair and there is very little oil then i will apply some of the Shea butter mix as well.  In warmer weather i would only seal maybe two to three times in the week but during the last week or two i’ve had to butter up nearly everyday as when i touch my hair there’s practically nothing on it. This British weather!

So I feel the time is more than right to change my regime to incorporate more moisture as the weather is a lot less forgiving. So, less cleansing more conditioning and definitely more protective styling.

Autumn/Winter Regime

Month 1

Week 1 – Pre-poo, Detangle, Bentonite Clay Cleanse, Deep Condition

Week 2 – Co-wash, Detangle, Deep Condition

Week 3 – Pre-Poo, Shampoo, Detangle, Deep Condition

Week 4 – Co-wash, Detangle, Deep Condition

Month 2

Week 1 – Pre-poo, Indian Herb Cleanse, Detangle, Deep Condition

Week 2 – Co-wash, Detangle, Deep Condition

Week 3 – Pre-Poo, Shampoo, Detangle, Deep Condition

Week 4 – Co-wash, Detangle, Deep Condition

Styling and Hair Management

  • Keep hair in twists for the week and take out to wash weekly
  • Moisturise and seal nightly
  • Cover hair with satin headscarf for bed
  • Pre-poo Saturday night
  • Wash Sunday and re-twist


Pre-Poo – Aloe Vera Gel and Avocado Oil/Olive Oil

Alternative Cleansing – Bentonite Clay Treatment/Indian Herb Cleanse

Shampoo – Curl Harmony Shampoo/ Liz Earle Botanical Shampoo

Co-wash Conditioner – Herbal Essence Hello Hydration

Deep Conditioner – JASON’s 84% Aloe Vera Conditioner with Honey and Oil

Leave-In Conditioner – My Own Recipe

Moisturiser – My Own Spritz Mix

Sealer -  My Own Shea Butter Mix


3 thoughts on “My Autumn-Winter Regime 2010/11

  1. Hello!! I really like your blog! I really appreciate this one-I plan on creating a model for myself such as this one. I also realize I’ll need to change up, the weather in NYC is also cold and wet now, leaving my hair dry as ever. I’m glad I have so many other naturals to learn from!!

    • You are more than welcome. We all need a little inspiration every now and then and it’s nice to know that there are others out there we can lean on and learn from. I for one am forever grateful to all who choose to share their knowledge with the world as it’s because of them and there willingness to share that i am where i am today. So all i can do in return is to share what i learn with the world also. Blessings.

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